Mistakes You Should Avoid Being A Leader

Most of the time, people only discuss what is expected or what leaders ought to do. Most times, these are just on the positive side. However, people make inevitable mistakes that truly they do not know about making. Then, people also might see these mistakes and tag them as bad leaders. These mistakes might be habits that have grown on the person. Let us see these mistakes. You might find yourself guilty of a few of them. 

Lack of interpersonal relationships with people.

To be a leader like Jordan Fletcher St. Catharines, you have to be a people person. It’s the rule you have to deal with. If you aren’t a people person, you have no business in that leadership position. You have to have a relationship with your followers. You, as a leader like Richard Branson, have to take time to bond with your followers regardless of who they might be. They might be your colleagues, employees, customers, stakeholders, investors, team members; whoever they are doesn’t matter. What matters is that you see them as a person and try to understand their individuality.

Unavailability and inaccessibility.

A leader has to be active, and that includes being available through every activity. The presence of a leader must be felt in every activity and not leave the job nonchalantly to whoever is in charge. 

Being actively involved will portray a sense of availability and accessibility. It does not mean to take on every project but rather get involved by giving advice, opinions, encouragement, etc. Be available to attend to questions or challenges. 

Not focusing on talent development.

As a leader, you are saddled with so many expectations and duties, and you tend to forget yourself. It is okay to strive for your company or organizational goal. But admit it all; do not ignore the inherent human need to learn in the process. 

It is important to continue learning or improving skills while serving. It makes one better and more efficient in carrying out duties. If a leader stops learning, such a person is stuck in a particular position. The world revolves, and new things emanate regularly. Learning keeps you in the loop, and it becomes easier to embrace change. 

Not providing regular performance feedback.

One important thing to note is feedback. It allows people to know how much and what things they need to improve in their service. Most leaders overlook its importance and tend to ignore the harm this does.

As a leader, just like Jordan Fletcher St. Catharines, the growth of your followers or teammates is essential. Hence, dishing out feedback should be a regular thing as long as they are putting in the effort. While giving out feedback, the construction matters. The tone also has a role to play. Thus, give well-constructed feedback that will have the right effect.

Not taking emotions into consideration.

This boils down to empathy. There is a thin line between being stern and overly harsh as a leader. That line is empathy. There is a need to put emotional consideration in place. After all, we are first humans before anything else. You are a leader, but you shouldn’t forget that you were once a follower. Don’t make mistakes in positioning yourself far above others.