Movers Asked About a Floor Plan? Here’s How to Make One

When it comes to a floor plan, there are no shortcuts.

The moving company will probably want the details of your floor plan so he can plan for equipment and personnel. But don’t be surprised if you’re asked to draw up a rough sketch first before he commits to moving your stuff.

We’ve heard of people being asked to sketch out their floor plan on a napkin or envelope before the mover has even made an estimate. The movers are just trying to check out how straightforward it will be for them to move you.

If you are in such a dilemma, here is how to make a floor plan:

1. The first thing you have to do is cut out a floor plan from a piece of paper. You can choose one with a map or a diagram on it, but be sure that the area in the middle is clear enough for you to draw your floor plan.

2. Next, label each room so your mover will know where to go when he makes a move.

3. Include a square with a number in each room to identify how many men it will take to move your stuff safely and correctly. Add a letter after the number if you want the crew from another city or state to assist with your move, or add an extra man for heavy or more fragile items.

4. If you want to get detailed, add drawers and closets where appropriate (if you can get access to them). Indicate the size of the furniture and other bulky objects that will be moved.

5. You may also want to indicate which types of materials should not be stacked too high or placed on top of fragile items.

6. Once you’ve got a decent idea of how your floor plan will look like, show it to the moving company and get a move on.

The benefits of having a floor plan:

A. It gives the company a clear picture of what your home looks like and how it’s laid out. The mover can see where he can put items down and how to maneuver through the house, so you get maximum space in your truck.

B. You will know beforehand if any restrictions or obstacles may affect your moves, such as narrow doorways and tight corners.

C. It also lets your mover know if he may need to bring in extra people for the job or if you have enough crew already.


You must show your floor plan to the movers before they start moving. It is because some movers will recommend larger crews or equipment, depending on how detailed your floor plan is.

Remember that one of the critical things in making a good floor plan is organization and foresight. Ensure everything that needs to be moved and indicate where everything should go. Preparation is vital for moving, and don’t let anything slip through the cracks. If you want your move to be successful, make sure you prepare ahead of time by getting a floor plan first!