The Impact of Canadian Mining in Colombia

The Canadian mining industry is the leading hub for the production of potash and is a pigeonhole among the top five producers of metals and nonmetals, coppers, minerals, etc. Some of the Canadian states are among many global leaders when it comes to the trading of gold and other metals. Aside from that, Canadian mining companies such as Collective Mining have been quite interested in mining in the other states and have been investing a lot in mining projects.

The same goes for Colombia because of its coal production globally. From research done in 2010, you’ll come to know that Canadian merchandise imports approximately $717 million from Columbia. Moreover, Canada has invested $824 million in Columbia. Canadian and Colombian alliance in terms of mining. It is observed that Canada and Colombia have been in a diplomatic relationship since 1953. Colombia is considered a productive and extremely valued partner for Canada. Both the regions share a commitment and economic 

Cooperation and integration. It has been noticed that both countries are involved in the expansion of trade and investment. Additionally, both of them are on the same platform of human rights, peace building effects. Henceforth, equity, gender, justice, and freedom are on frequent boost.

Some Impacts of Canadian Mining in Colombia

So we know that a large number of metals are churned out in the major mines of Colombia, which is overlooked by the Canadian appointees. Let’s discuss some paramount impacts.

1. Lawsuit on Colombia by Canadian mining companies

Colombia has been quite in hot water with Colombia due to some mining projects. Some reports have reported that a Canadian mining company known as Cosigo Resources Ltd has sued the Colombian government over the dispute of a mining permit for the Yaigoje-Apapori National park.  The park is said to be a natural reserve. The company has been suing the government stating that they have violated the free trade agreement with the South American countries. 

2. Gran Colombia Gold in Colombia

Gran Colombia gold is the highest-grossing growth-oriented mining company Canada has been operating in northwest Colombia. This company is the owner of the highest-grade gold mine and is producing about 220,000 ounces of gold per year. With the increasing amount of gold production, Gran Colombia has been able to double and triple their shares making them the highest shareholders. And the owner of the company says that they are aiming to increase production more and more which is around 700,000 ounces in the next five years.

3. The Upshot of Canadian Mining

The Canadian mining industries are pretty much welcoming. They own many excellent mining industries like Collective Mining Ltd. Plus, they serve them economically too. As they recruit and hire Columbian civilians. Furthermore, because of the day and night stressful mining jobs, the hired hand often gets liverish, afflicted, and a little bit peaky. But that’s all part of the work.


As can be seen, the Canadians are highly supporting the Colombian economy. Both countries are on the same platform for justice and equity and support each other. Additionally, have a legitimate connection between. Generally speaking, we can presume that they have some positive and negative impacts on the Columbian territory and their people.