What’s Good and Bad About Being a Floral Designer

Creative jobs aren’t just fun and rewarding; they can also be profitable, stable, and a great way to work with and help people daily. If you want to work in a creative field, one option is floral decoration. But, before you get training and a job in floral design, find out what it’s like to work in this field and the pros and cons.

Every Day, Use Your Creative Muscles.

Creativity and art are hobbies for many people, not jobs. But you can make creativity your career as a floral designer. Floral designers do many different things every day. Some are more administrative, like making appointments and answering the phone, but they also arrange flowers daily. They choose the right flowers and greenery for each customer’s mood and occasion and arrange them in a way that makes the most of their beauty.

Con: Floral Design May Not Have Much Room for Growth

Most floral designers stay at the same level for their whole careers. They work as florists in flower shops and make arrangements for event planners. They also work for flower wholesalers so that they can move laterally. But there aren’t many ways to move up to positions that pay more or have more responsibilities. In a big company, you might be able to move up into management, but most floral designers work for themselves or small businesses.

Con: Making Flower arrangements can be stressful

This could be good if you like to be busy at work or like stress and a tight schedule. But for many people, the busiest times of the year for florists are the worst. Floral designers are in high demand during the holidays, around Christmas, on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, and in the summer during the wedding season. Because flowers die, floral design can also be stressful. Timing is important; if displays are made too early, they can be ruined.

Pro: No Degree Required

When you work in floral design, you can usually get to work quickly and start making money. Unlike many other jobs, you won’t need a graduate degree or any education after high school. Many flower shops hire people who don’t have college degrees and teach them on the job. Still, finishing a certificate or diploma in floral design can help you learn the basics and get hired faster. If you want to open your flower shop or take the American Institute of Floral Designers exam to get a national certification, you will also need to attend school.

Pro: Floral Designers are Often Entrepreneurs

Floral design can be a great career if you are interested in business and art and have always wanted to be your boss and run your own business. Almost 20% of floral designers work for themselves. When considering a career in this kind of floral design, getting a certificate or diploma makes sense. You could also work as an apprentice for a florist or floral designer before taking the plunge and opening your shop.

Florists will always be needed because fresh flowers are always in style. Even though fashions may change, there will always be a need for creative, skilled professionals to make displays and arrangements for special events, hotels, businesses, and holidays. You could work in this field by getting training or learning how to be a floral designer.