Luxury Apartment Construction: Will The Market Recover In 2022, Or Has COVID-19 Changed The Landscape Forever?

The construction of luxury apartments has been a boon to the property development industry. Unfortunately, with the covid pandemic affecting the world, getting investors to contemplate construction has become more challenging. With a reduced workforce comes delayed projects and unfinished buildings that cannot be sold or rented out.

Many of these unsold luxury apartments were bought off-plan in pre covid times when people thought they could sell them for a profit and the market would rise.

The pandemic affected the construction industry and the world economy by destroying a large part of the workforce. It has stagnated or decreased the demand for luxury apartments, as well as limiting future development projects.

It is why many new developments have been stalled. Investors are very reluctant to invest in luxury apartments not being built. It is also an incredibly demoralizing process for the staff who have to deal with investors, staff, and management constantly changing their minds about what they want to do.

Currently, luxury apartment construction is at a standstill as investors try to work out how best to continue their project. Many buyers of the luxury apartments pre covid have had to forfeit their deposits and lost out financially. The global economy was negatively affected, and it will take some time before we see that sort of money reinvested into the property.

Some say that new building projects should never start, while others say that it would be impossible to finish them all and that a small number should continue to provide a residual income for owners.

Will the market recover in 2022? It is a great question, and many people are banking on the fact that it will. Are you one of them? You need to know that covid has changed the building industry forever, and if you want to make your money back, it’s best to make sure your investment is sound in 2022.

If not, look at other industries like manufacturing or retail investments! There’s still money to be made there. Our advice to investors is that you get out now while you still have some of your capital! Don’t risk losing it all, or you will be sorry!

The future of the luxury apartment market is still unclear, but what we do know is that covid has changed the game forever. Investors and buyers will not be as reckless with their money, which is excellent for making quality investments.


The current luxury apartment construction industry is almost at a standstill, and there is no guarantee that it will start again. The COVID-19 pandemic has struck investors, and many lost their life savings buying off-plan luxury apartments to resell at higher prices.
Salah Hamdan Albluewi says luxury apartment construction should never start again, while others suggest continuing with small-scale projects and leaving the rest as they are. It is not a sound investment, and investors should avoid luxury apartments at all costs. The luxury apartment market will never be the same, and it’s best to stay away from investing in this industry.